Fantasy, Horror/Paranormal


The fairy tale always ends with Snow White living happily ever after. But it often fails to mention how. You see, Snow White was no ordinary young lady, and she knew this since childhood, as did her stepmother.

The Evil Queen did everything possible to rid herself of a perceived rival, but in doing so made a grave mistake. For in her attempts to endanger Snow White, she instead succeeded in unlocking a power resting dormant within the blood of the royal family.

When the Huntsman sought Snow White in the forest, he fell victim to her hypnotic charm and became forever haunted by her bright eyes watching him in the dead of night and the soft touch of her hand upon his cheek.

The dwarves, usually the most unforgiving beings in all the kingdoms of the world, weakened at the sight of her pale beauty as she rested in their cottage. And while they held more sway over their own minds than the Huntsman, they could not turn the young woman away.

The Evil Queen persisted, and her rage burned fierce as her power waned. Every attempt she made to end Snow White ended in failure.

Even after Snow White’s apparent death from partaking of the poisoned apple, the dwarves refused to bury her. Instead, they formed a coffin of glass and laid her to rest inside it. They placed the coffin in the shade of an old cypress tree near their tunnels so they might continue to admire her as they came and went.

The young prince of a neighboring kingdom, compelled by some unknown force, came riding by on horseback. He stopped beside the glass coffin, entranced by the occupant within. He raised the cover separating him from the alluring belle and was overcome with the urge to kiss her wine red lips.

The dwarves left their tunnel in time to witness Snow White opening her eyes. As the Prince ended his kiss, they noticed blood from bite marks on his mouth.

The temperature dropped as Snow White and her prince approached the castle of the Evil Queen followed by the Prince’s army. Snowflakes drifted softly to the ground, and the Evil Queen knew she was defeated.

Though the people rejoiced as Snow White claimed her crown, the neighboring kingdoms became filled with dread. Now Snow White, the Snow Queen, possessed power beyond contesting. And so she lived happily ever after for all eternity.

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