Writer Reflections

Resolution Ramblings

It’s finally here. The start of the new year. Time to get to all those resolutions you’ve been making since the day after Christmas. Or maybe you’re like me and your list is from four years ago, and you’ve been putting it off because you haven’t gotten the instant gratification of your dreams coming true by February.

That’s the problem with resolutions. Everyone wants to see change, but no one wants to put in the effort. We wait until the start of the calendar year to state our goals, and no one really blames us when we fail. A promise to try again next year follows, and before you know it the resolution is forgotten and replaced by some other goal.

I didn’t wait to start my resolutions in January. Truth be told, I’m typing this in December of 2019. And you may not be reading this in January of 2020. I don’t have any delusions of this becoming some viral bit the moment I post it. It’ll take a while before Writer Reflections takes off along with the rest of my blog. Does that mean I should give up in the next couple of weeks when only one person reads the post? No. Am I dreaming too big to think this will matter to someone now or in the future? Possibly. Am I prone to rambling, with this series of questions being a prime example? Definitely.

None of that matters. I’m doing my best today, and as time goes on I’ll improve in craft, time management, and everything else I struggle with on my writing journey. This isn’t meant to be a beautiful example of how awesome I am as a writer. It’s meant as an encouragement to others like me. I’m not perfect. Neither are all the other writers out there. We work hard and edit often, sometimes leaving the editing to someone better.

What sets successful people apart from those who simply spout off meaningless resolutions is the willingness to keep going no matter what. Whether you’re reading this on January 1, 2020, or sometime in the middle of next year, let today be the day you decide to keep going. You won’t succeed tomorrow, but you will in time. Determination makes all the difference.

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