Writer Reflections

Notebook Necessity

Technology has come a long way. We can make documents on a computer, edit without making a mess of our manuscripts, cut and paste without scissors and glue, and organize alphabetically or numerically with a click of a button.

All of this is amazing and makes writing easier than ever. Yet writers still hoard pens and notebooks like we’re preparing for Armageddon. Why?

There’s something about holding a pen in your hand and letting words flow across a crisp white page, filling line after line with ideas, notes, and other scribblings of brilliance. Not to mention the convenience of flipping to a blank page to jot down spontaneous epiphanies when a computer isn’t available.

Even as the world shifts to a paperless existence for the sake of our environment, people are coming out with recycled paper or erasable notebooks you can zap clean in the microwave. I’ve seen notebooks of stone and pens from old water bottles. Even tablets come with pens and the ability to change handwritten words to typed text. With all our technological advances, we’re still finding ways to maintain our tech-free methods.

When it comes to writing, nothing compares to the perfect notebook and pen in your hands, waiting to turn the fantastic thoughts in your head into something spectacular. What are you waiting for? Go find yours and see what magic you can create.

My latest notebook.

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