Writer Reflections

Sensible Solitude

The apocalypse is here. People now aspire to be introverts and clean freaks. Toilet paper is the new currency. Having a home library full of more books than one person could ever read in one lifetime no longer seems absurd. Finally, sitting home doing nothing isn’t deemed lazy.

In all seriousness, the world isn’t ending, but most of us are stuck at home, only venturing beyond our doors when absolutely necessary to protect those most at risk from the coronavirus. But rather than view this as a complete negative, I choose to see the bright side wherever possible.

Writers now have more time to write. Parents have more time with their kids. We aren’t obligated to get out of the house and go to events we’d rather miss.

We also live in the time of smartphones and the internet, meaning we aren’t as completely isolated as we could be. You can still call your grandparents or video chat with friends. Social media continues to keep us informed and connected.

Things may seem bleak, but if we choose not to give in to despair, focusing on the bright side instead, we can get through this together. And who knows? Maybe we’ll get a few new novels out of this whole thing.

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