Writer Reflections

Resolutions Revisited

I don’t have much to write today. With all the chaos right now, I thought I’d revisit what I said at the beginning of the year, along with another important lesson I learned recently.

I started this year wanting to make blog posts every Wednesday. I’ve missed some weeks due to unforeseen circumstances, and I may miss more since this pandemic happened. Still, I won’t give up, and I hope you won’t give up on your goals either. Instead, we can use this as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and adapt to the changing world around us.

Some goals may truly be impossible under the circumstances, and that’s okay. You can use this time to plan and prepare for when things get better. Maybe you’ll come up with a new goal in the process.

We will make it through these hard times. Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay positive. You’ll be ready for whatever the future holds.

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