Writer Reflections

Written World

I wish we lived in a world where everything was clearly defined. Protagonist. Antagonist. Noble cause. Pure evil. A world where the heroes win and the villains get what they deserve.

But this is the real world. Some things are obvious atrocities while others blur in a sea of gray. Lines are drawn in the sand and shift with each passing wave of action and reaction. We blindly follow as the media takes a story and twists it to fit the history they want to be written. We seek to generalize groups of people instead of viewing them as individual fellow human beings. We allow chaos to overshadow the messages we so desperately need to hear and ignore anything that challenges our point of view.

I wish we lived in a book with a happy ending, but the reality is we don’t. That’s why we need to stop living in our own created fantasy where we’re the hero and realize where we are may not be where we belong.

Life is full of opposition, but we can’t always see the right side of things until it’s too late. So take a step back and ask yourself if you stand for anything, what you stand for, and what you should stand for now. Then, consider if the life you’re living matches that. If not, change accordingly. Life is too short to live for nothing, and it’s definitely too short to live for hate.

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