Writer Reflections

What I’ve Learned

Being a writer is a constant learning experience. From never-ending research to changing trends, there’s always something new to discover. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

1. Writing is easy. Anyone can pour their heart and soul onto a page, spitting out ideas while sitting alone in a quiet room. The hard part is making it all worth reading.

2. It’s okay to call yourself a writer. Whether it’s poetry, short stories, memoirs, devotionals, or snappy one-liners doesn’t matter. Are you writing? You’re a writer.

3. First drafts suck. Nothing is perfect the first time. Even this blog post will go through edits before being posted. What sounded great while writing may seem terrible while reading. Editing is necessary.

4. Knowing other writers is essential. If you need advice, critiques, or someone who doesn’t think you’re crazy when you tell them about your conversations with the muse in your head, fellow writers are the ones to turn to. Make writer friends.

5. Being a writer is hard. Yes, I said writing is easy. No, I wasn’t lying. The hard part comes when sharing your work. You won’t always feel ready, or imposter syndrome kicks in because you don’t have a whole published novel to brag about. It doesn’t matter. Remember why you became a writer, and keep writing.

My list won’t look the same as others. Neither will yours. And we’ll add to them regularly. We’re all on different paths in our writing journeys. It’s good to learn from each other. What’s something you’ve learned along the way?

1 thought on “What I’ve Learned”

  1. You’ll be up… You’ll be down… You’ll feel excited… then drained… You will say you want to give up… and then you do… THEN YOU ARE EXCITED AGAIN because inspiration came from nowhere… We have to be our own friend, our own cheering squad- and that isn’t always due to a lack of friends or compassionate folk; it can be due to whatever is going on inside our minds, bodies, and hearts. Sometimes WE have to make that choice to start, or continue, or even end a WIP/ writing altogether. Point is, I have learned and am still accepting that all of this IS ok. Truly. It is perfectly fine. We have to care for ourselves while creating other worlds.

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