Writer Reflections

Writing is Hard (So Why?)

It’s not always easy to express what we want to say outright. People have different perspectives and ways of thinking. Our experiences are never the same, leaving room for misunderstanding and confusion.

Stories place readers in the point of view to best understand what needs to be expressed. As a reader, you enter the mind of a character, knowing exactly what leads to each decision made within the story. While you may not agree with what happens, you can at least empathize and accept it.

A well-written poem can help you see things in a different light, allowing you to see what otherwise goes unnoticed in the real world. As a writer, you are in the position to show others your side, giving them a glimpse of your reality.

So we write, exposing our hearts to the world, hoping our words can help lessen what divides us. No matter how hard writing is, it’s much harder living in a world divided.

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