Writer Reflections

Getting to Work

It’s a new year. Again. A time for resolutions and renewal. I won’t pretend to be entirely optimistic given the state of the past couple of years, but I refuse to be bogged down by negativity. This year will bring what it brings, and I’ll be ready.

I won’t sit around watching the world go by, aimlessly going about my day. I’m getting to work, setting more reasonable goals, and doing my best to finish the stories I’ve started. I’m breaking down big plans into manageable steps instead of cramming everything I want to accomplish into unreasonable time frames.

I’m going to fail a bit along the way, but that’s okay. I won’t quit. I’ll keep going until the work is done, which probably won’t be for a while.

I hope the new year brings you success, be it a major success or a minor step reached. Take joy in the little things. The bigger stuff will come if you just keep going.

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