Elusive Luck

Some writers get all the luck. The huge advances, the skyrocketing sales numbers, big movie deals. With seemingly no effort, they climb to the top, their lucrative success impossible to ignore. It's hard to imagine our favorite writers toiling away like us, getting writer's block, or being stuck on which word is best to get… Continue reading Elusive Luck

Writing is Hard (So Why?)

It's not always easy to express what we want to say outright. People have different perspectives and ways of thinking. Our experiences are never the same, leaving room for misunderstanding and confusion. Stories place readers in the point of view to best understand what needs to be expressed. As a reader, you enter the mind… Continue reading Writing is Hard (So Why?)

Writing is Hard (But Why?)

Writing is hard. That's what everyone says. But the reason isn't what you'd think. It's easy to learn the rules. Most of us get the basics drilled into us in grade school. Grammar and spell-check programs help with the rest. Putting words on a page isn't difficult either. Get a prompt book, spit some ideas… Continue reading Writing is Hard (But Why?)

What I’ve Learned

Being a writer is a constant learning experience. From never-ending research to changing trends, there's always something new to discover. Here's what I've learned so far. 1. Writing is easy. Anyone can pour their heart and soul onto a page, spitting out ideas while sitting alone in a quiet room. The hard part is making… Continue reading What I’ve Learned